Experiential Marketing: A New Age Marketing

A unique approach to connect brands with potential customers by way of both side interactions is what experiential marketing is. The cross – media promotional activities encourages direct physical immersion into a brand through live face to face experiences. A consumer was inundated by traditional advertising reducing the effectiveness of traditional promotional methods, but the memorable experience creating relevant memories is blooming the way of experiential marketing.

As the global recovery continues and the marketing budgets expand, experiential marketing campaigns are now being skyrocketed by brands. It not just engages the consumers on a personal level but initiates a dialogue between a consumer and brand which cannot be ignored.

Experiential marketing transforms real conversations into meaningful impressions. It might seem that experiential brings less numbers but these numbers remain authentic. Traditional might have large potential reach but experiential produces realistic impression counts.

Marketing Campaigns That Created Memories

For a campaign to be effective, it must create ‘MEMORIES’! Here are a few most memorable experiential moves:

“No Noise” Campaign by Selfridges

A British retailer Selfridges launched this unusual campaign celebrating the “power of quiet”. The stores were abled with ‘Silent Room’ where customers can seek refuge from the clamour of shopping. The idea of ‘No Noise’ brought an arsenal of zing initiatives including a ‘Silence Room’ and ‘The Quiet Shop’. The concept was much preached by the brands which removed loud logos for more minimalist labeling.

Samsung’s Oscars Campaign

The Samsung’s Oscar selfie campaign brought some viral pictures on the social media. A $20 million advertising campaign was designed to promote Samsung smartphones which included the creative pitch of Oscar selfies.

Mountain Dew’s ‘Guerrilla Tour’

A guerrilla tour was conceptualized by Mountain Dew where a team of 15 brand ambassadors jaunted around the UK, hosting interesting competitions and giveaways. They also distributed free samples. The brand could retain 55% of the targeted people through this initiative among whom more than one third is supposed to be new purchasers.

Experiential marketing is one powerful tool that can be considered as a part of integrated marketing campaigns that can create brand advocates who can further spread your brand loyalty.


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