Experiential Marketing: A New Age Marketing

A unique approach to connect brands with potential customers by way of both side interactions is what experiential marketing is. The cross – media promotional activities encourages direct physical immersion into a brand through live face to face experiences. A consumer was inundated by traditional advertising reducing the effectiveness of traditional promotional methods, but the memorable experience creating relevant memories is blooming the way of experiential marketing.

As the global recovery continues and the marketing budgets expand, experiential marketing campaigns are now being skyrocketed by brands. It not just engages the consumers on a personal level but initiates a dialogue between a consumer and brand which cannot be ignored.

Experiential marketing transforms real conversations into meaningful impressions. It might seem that experiential brings less numbers but these numbers remain authentic. Traditional might have large potential reach but experiential produces realistic impression counts.

Marketing Campaigns That Created Memories

For a campaign to be effective, it must create ‘MEMORIES’! Here are a few most memorable experiential moves:

“No Noise” Campaign by Selfridges

A British retailer Selfridges launched this unusual campaign celebrating the “power of quiet”. The stores were abled with ‘Silent Room’ where customers can seek refuge from the clamour of shopping. The idea of ‘No Noise’ brought an arsenal of zing initiatives including a ‘Silence Room’ and ‘The Quiet Shop’. The concept was much preached by the brands which removed loud logos for more minimalist labeling.

Samsung’s Oscars Campaign

The Samsung’s Oscar selfie campaign brought some viral pictures on the social media. A $20 million advertising campaign was designed to promote Samsung smartphones which included the creative pitch of Oscar selfies.

Mountain Dew’s ‘Guerrilla Tour’

A guerrilla tour was conceptualized by Mountain Dew where a team of 15 brand ambassadors jaunted around the UK, hosting interesting competitions and giveaways. They also distributed free samples. The brand could retain 55% of the targeted people through this initiative among whom more than one third is supposed to be new purchasers.

Experiential marketing is one powerful tool that can be considered as a part of integrated marketing campaigns that can create brand advocates who can further spread your brand loyalty.


Looking Forward

I see a mirror,
me gazing back to myself.
The images real n fake,
how true my inner soul is,
Filled with fallasy and self-giving.
Crystal clear my reflection,
hooked in d past,
moving towards the future,
hampering my present and,
overlooking my mindless feelings.
How gibberish are those ideas,
as long as we keep saying,
whether they really work?
Again I see a mirror,
me gazing back to myself.

Facts About Indian Foods You’ve Never Known

It’s always interesting to know fascinating facts about the foods that we eat. But here we have some startling facts about the foods Indians eat which you might have never heard of.

Fact 1#

Grated Bamboo Shoot is an ethnic food ingredient in Assam

bamboo shoots


Image Courtesy: 3.bp.blogspot.com

Khorisa is what they call it. Assamese use this as an ethnic ingredient in their cuisines in fermented raw or pickled form. It gives the cuisine of this region a distinctive flavour. Eaten mainly with fish it is a widely enjoyed ingredient among the natives of North Eastern States.

Fact 2#

Chutney made of red ants and their eggs is must eat in the meals of tribal population of Chattisgarh


Image Courtesy: economydecoded

Yes you read it right, Chaprah is a regular chutney that adds to the taste of every major meal. It is prepared by drying red ants. These dried red ants are added with spices and sweeteners.

Fact 3#

Black Rice is actually rice black in colour which turns purple when cooked

Black Rice

Image Courtesy: drsusanrubin.com

A popular food presentation in Manipur Black rice also called as Magic Rice, Forbidden Rice and Purple Rice is commonly found in the cuisines of North Bengal and Kerala. It is full of health benefits and is found only in China and India.

Fact 4#

Frog legs are a delicacy among the Lepchas community of Sikkim

This dish is also supposed to have various medicinal properties. Prepared in different ways it is believed to cure various stomach related diseases.

Frog legs

Image Courtesy: thepilotsbride.com

Fact 5#

Distilled ashes are added in to enhance the taste of a popular food dish called Nahkham in Meghalaya


Image Courtesy: ifairer

Nahkham is a popular dish among the Garos of Meghalaya. The basic ingredients of this dish are dried fish, distilled ashes and vegetables.

5 Unbelievable Restaurant Themes You Will Wonder, “HOW”?

Cannibalistic Restaurant (JAPAN)

“Nyotaimori” (which literally means “female body plate”) is the name of the Japanese restaurant that serves sushi and sashimi on a naked woman’s body. The body is made from food and placed on an operating table, much as though in a hospital. You can “operate” anyway and anywhere you want by cutting open the body and eating what you find inside. The body will actually bleed as you cut it and the intestines and organs inside are completely editable.

Toilet Restaurant (TAIWAN)


Image Source

Have you ever heard of people eating out of a bathroom toilet and having great fun? A restaurant named Marton Theme Restaurant, in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) has a toilet theme and is a great hit among people.

Restaurant in the Sky (BELGIUM)

Sky Restaurant Las Vegas 1

Image Source

“Dinner in the Sky” is a Brussels based restaurant that serves dinner for up to 22 people… 150 feet in the air! The specially-designed table and chairs are lifted by a crane. Don’t look down if you don’t want to spoil your meal!

Robot Restaurant  (CHINA)

Image: Robot that specialises in delivering food holds an empty plate after serving meals to customers at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin

Image Source

A beginning of a new era – this is the future where robots are replacing humans! Some enthusiastic Chinese have started a restaurant which is operated by robots. Although its not a very sci-fi restaurant that you might have seen in movies, but still its an appreciable start of a new beginning. This robot themed restaurant has 18 different kinds of robots which do all kind of jobs. All the robots were designed and created by Harbin Haohai Robot Company.

Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas, USA


Image via instagram.com/heartattackgrill

All diners are given hospital style gowns before chowing down on a “a quadruple bypass burger”. That is made with four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon and it is served by waitresses dressed as nurses who will help you out of the restaurant in a wheel chair if necessary.


12 Places to Best Experience Indian Culture

There are many different Indias to visit—each with its own sights, smells, flavours and tempos.This journey of 12 days visits old colonial India, via the towns and villages built up over that period and the wildlife sanctuaries where live some of the exotic animals that India is so well known for.

Delhi- The Arcade Of All Travelers



It is Delhi where you are first welcomed at. A city built, destroyed and rebuilt several times, particularly during the medieval era, as outsiders who successfully invaded the Indian subcontinent would ransack the existing capital city in Delhi. Mughal architecture juxtaposed against sky-scrapers, slums in the back alleys of multi-storey shopping malls, 5-star monoliths beside derelict buildings, sedans alongside rickshaws and aristocracy amidst poverty; the city will thrust you into a whirlwind of firsts. From the bustling market of Chandni Chowk and Jama Masjid- India’s largest and best-known mosque where you get the essence of medieval India to India Gate and Connaught Place which showcases a uniform architecture of modern and new India you have a lot to discover in your pockets.

Recommended visits:

Sound and Light Show at Red Fort

Lodhi Gardens

Hauz Khas Complex

Jaipur – The Culture Of Colours And Traditions


Image Courtesy: kichiro-photography


Image Courtesy: photoburst

The state capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur lies on the edge of the Thar Desert, surrounded by the Aravali hills. One of the earliest planned cities in India, Jaipur was founded in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II of the ruling Rajput dynasty as his new capital. Its remarkably well-preserved heritage – which includes hilltop forts, bustling old markets, and lovely palaces – has made it a part of the golden triangle of Indian tourism.

For the best shopping experiences that will teach you the art of bargaining you got to visit city’s old bazaars of Jaipur located in the walled city, around the two main blocks called the Badi and Chhoti Chaupar. Start from Johari Bazaar, also known as the jewellers’ market, it consists of rows upon rows of jewellery shops to Tripoli Bazaar which is situated close to the City Palace and Chhoti Chaupar, this is the best place to purchase iron, stainless steel and brass utensils.

Not to forget the City Palace where you can see Rajasthani artisans play music and relish your memories for an unforgettable experience.

Recommended Visits:

Hawa Mahal

Amber Fort

Jal Mahal

Agra – The City That Holds One Of The Seven Wonders In Its Laps


Image Courtesy: dailytravelphotos

The city of Agra made its mark on the global map as home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. But there’s more to the city than just the Taj. From monuments, shrines and tombs dedicated to love, to the most intricately carved handicrafts, sprawling landscaped gardens, and delicious food, there’s a reason why Agra is one of the country’s prime tourist attractions.

Here lays the beautiful memoir of white marbles that glows in the midnight with the shimmering Jamuna river situated just across. The architecture uses the interlocking arabesque concept, where each element is singular in its entirety, but integrates seamlessly with the whole. Walk a few steps from Taj Mahal and you come across one of the finest Mughal forts in India, the Agra Fort. A massive red sandstone structure located on the banks of the Yamuna river.

Recommended Vists:

Fatehpur Sikri

Itimad-ud-daula’s Tomb

Must Have:


Image Courtesy: sinamontales

Agra’s favourite sweet: Petha

This crystalline Indian sweet is one of Agra’s largest exports. Available in popular variants like Kesar, Angoori and even Paan (betal leaf), it’s a sweet treat every tourist should sample when visiting Agra.

Khajuraho- The History Buff


Famous for its sensual sculptures, this UNESCO World Heritage Site contains one of the best examples of temple architecture in India. Khajuraho’s temples were built by the Chandela dynasty, who ruled over central India between 950-1050 AD. Out of the 85 original temples, only 20 survive today. Most of them have soaring vertical spires or shikharas, which are believed to represent the Himalayas.

Bandhavgarh- Tiger Safari


Established in 1968, the Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the Vindhya Hills of the Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh. The park is known for its prodigious tiger population (the highest in any Park in India) and also has a large breeding population of leopards, and various species of deer. Bandhavgarh got its name from the most prominent hillock of the area of Umaria.

Varanasi- The Oldest City Trails


Image Source

One of the oldest living cities in the world, Varanasi needs little introduction. Travellers can love it or hate it, but they certainly cannot resist getting infected by its eccentric vibe—be it the effervescent narrow streets that zig-zag behind the ghats, the rush to see the evening aarti, the irresistible food or the long boat rides along the stretch of ghats by the Ganga. Considered to be the holiest place for Hindus to cremate their loved ones, the ironic celebration of life around the business of death is hard to miss. Thousands of travellers descend on the ghats each year to immerse in the spirit of Varanasi. Garbled conversations with paan-filled mouths, a cup of tea with strangers in a tea shop, sizzling street food, ancient havelis from which the sound of instruments still wafts into the streets and the all year round celebration of festivals are just a handful of things that make the city nothing short of intriguing!

Recommended Visits:

Prayag Ghat

Chet Singh Ghat

Munshi Ghat

Evening prayers at Dashaswamedh Ghat

The Darkness

The lights are dim,

the colours fading.

A soul being extracted,

and a silent scream.

Dragging the lifeless,

and my selfless being.

Handed the leftovers,

which once made me.

The likeness for black,

a bend towards jazz.

Liberating the limits,

a falacy that could’nt have me.

The shunting doors,

a thirst of breath,

eye lids dropping,

the approaching death.

Fear of evils,

and the gloomy face,

a thorny path,

a bed of blades.


The ADvertiser’s way

Saw the new ICICI Lombard advertisement (Jo wada karte h, wo karke dikhate hai), an emotional way of binding the viewers. Advertisers today can be seen coming up ways to attract the clients by creating a new sentimental bond. Advertising agencies have developed in an AMM ADMI manner, connecting with the potential customers. The recent promotional ad campaign of Congress showcasing the Yuva Josh by bringing together the young politicians together is an exemplary of targeted youth audience. A very new music channel Bindass which was introduced a couple of years back has found out a tremendous way to bring the present youngsters to their channel. It’s recently running ad campaign focusing the yupsters in a revolutionary manner is again a commendable example of targeted audience.